CU Boulder Earth Systems Stable Isotope Lab

Welcome to the CUBES-SIL!

This new lab facility is now operational and accepting new internal and external users. Please stay tuned for updates including formal rates and more details on the instrumentation.

Primary instrumentation includes two magnetic sector, gas source isotope ratio mass spectrometers:

(1) a Thermo MAT 253+ for high-precision, dual inlet analysis of multiply-substituted (“clumped”) isotopologues of CO2. We are currently capable of measuring samples as small as ~1.5 - 2 mg of 100% carbonate!

(2) a Thermo Delta V with EA, Gasbench and TCEA for continuous flow analysis of C,H,N,O and S stable isotopes from a range of sample materials. We currently have methods implemented to run carbon and nitrogen isotopes of a range of organic materials, including in sediments as well as carbon and oxygen isotopes of carbonates.

In addition, the facility houses equipment for sample processing including solid sample preparation, and custom-made on-line and off-line vacuum extraction systems.

For questions on current rates and availability, please contact Brett Davidheiser-Kroll