Terrestrial Paleoclimate and Tectonics members

Katie in the field Katie Snell [email]
Assistant Professor

Postdoc, Caltech 2011-2014
PhD, UC Santa Cruz 2011
BA, Colorado College 2002

Katie is interested in terrestrial paleoenvironmental reconstruction, paleoaltimetry, diagenesis and modern depositional processes. She uses a range of sedimentology and stable isotope geochemistry tools to address these questions.

Brett Brett Davidheiser-Kroll [email]
Research Associate and CUBES-SIL Lab Manager

PhD, University of Glasgow 2014
MS, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 2011
BS, UC Berkeley 2006

Brett's research interests include stable isotopes in mineral exploration, and technological innovations in stable isotope analysis. He is currently putting those skills to use designing a new automated CO2 cleaning system for clumped isotope analyses.

Vikki Vikki Crystal [email]
PhD student

BA, Colorado College

Vikki started digging in her backyard looking for rocks and fossils when she was a small child and still hasn’t stopped. Now, her current research interests include climatic, environmental and faunal changes associated with the Cretaceous- Paleogene Boundary.

Anne Anne Fetrow [email]
PhD student

BA, University of Puget Sound

Anne is fascinated by how the terrestrial world changes. Currently, she is working on Early Cretaceous paleoclimate and paleoaltimetry using traditional and stable clumped isotope geochemistry and sedimentology.

Lina Lina Perez-Angel [email]
PhD student

BS, Universidad de Los Andes

Lina is interested in the relationship of climate and tectonics by using different techniques such as structural geology, sedimentology and geochemistry (Biomarkers and stable isotopes). Right now, her biggest interest is in the tropical Andes during the Cenozoic.

Cara Cara Lauria [email]
MS student

BS, College of Charleston

Cara is interested in stable isotope geochemistry of modern ecological systems and biogeochemical processes to better understand isotope paleoenvironmental proxies. For her thesis, she is comparing the effects of drought on carbon isotopes of plants and soils in Meade Basin, Kansas.

Alejandro Alejandro Murillo [email]
BA student

Alejandro is interested in learning more about the evolution of the Rocky Mountains. He is currently using stable isotope geochemistry to investigate climate and elevation of the Central Rocky Mountains during the Eocene-Oligocene boundary. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, while observing bedforms of course.

Anna Anna Todd [email]
BA student

Anna is interested paleoclimate research. Currently she is analyzing the bulk organic carbon in terrestrial rocks from the Nevada in order to find carbon isotope excursions associated with Early Cretaceous ocean anoxic events.

Miquela Miquela Ingalls [email] [website]

PhD, University of Chicago, 2017
BS, University of North Carolina

Miquela works in both modern and ancient environments to improve how we use the carbonate record in tectonic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. She uses a range of sedimentological, geochemical and isotopic tools to investigate the processes by which carbonate sediments are altered after formation and deposition—from in situ microbial respiration to deep burial diagenesis.